Creative Thing #3 : Dancing at the company party

I've gotten behind on a lot of stuff due to moving to a new house, so I'm going to be a little extra creative in my criteria of what goes on this list. :)

My next creative thing for the year is that I danced at my company's big yearly party. Kim and I have been taking couple's dancing lessons for awhile now but it hasn't really prepared me for the kind of dancefloor activities you find at these kind of parties, not to mention I didn't have anybody to dance with. But after an hour or so of my usual watching and willing myself not to be a wallflower, a great song came on and I broke away from my spot off to the side and joined the fun on the floor. Now, even with dance lessons I have almost no "moves" as such, but I did my best to move my feet and get into it and it ended up being really fun. As part of my ongoing program to get over myself and not be so self-conscious I count it as a success. And since I had to come up with ways of using what I had learned about how to move my feet in a different setting, I'm counting it as creative as well. :)