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Hi, I'm Matt Grommes and this is my blog thing. I write here about my journey to be a better programmer, things I build, and stuff I just think is interesting or fun.

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Merlin Mann: Scared Shitless

Sheesh, pretty much everything Merlin does blows me away in some way or another. Even without hearing the talk that goes along with these slides he succeeds in moving me in a very real way that few other writers do. You should listen to his podcast, follow his blog, and keep up with his tweets (which are more of an acquired taste but once you get on his wavelength frequently inspire me and/or make me laugh out loud (for real, not in a LOL sense)).

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MAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT! I am here, at work, unmotivated, doing absolutely nothing, and decided to check my twitter...looked at your twitter...then followed to your blog!

This was actually really, really cool...I could relate to a lot of the statements that were written out. Good to know that some people have the same fears and frustrations and that no, there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. That we are human...and our feelings are valid. Thanks for sharing this! Perfect for what I needed on a blaaaah day like this...

Miss you, buddy!!! I hope all is well in San Diego and I'm still super proud of you for getting the hell out of here :o)

Apr 19, 2011 at 12:34 PM | Unregistered CommenterLeahmazing™

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