Just Enough MBA to Be a Programmer

I've always been curious about what MBAs really do. In my weaker moments, I've even thought that the only reason people got an MBA was to demand a higher salary or to "move up the corporate ladder" into some management job. What did these MBA ninjas actually learn in school? Would having an MBA help me better understand how I affected my company's bottom line? Although I had the curiosity, I never acted on it. This changed when another programmer recommended that I read The Ten-Day MBA by Steven Silbiger.

via Moserware: Just Enough MBA to Be a Programmer.

This book looks like something both my wife and I would both like. I'm like Jeff Moser here, I'm curious about what people actually learn doing this stuff but not enough to read a bunch of boring books full of business-speak. $12 for an overview sounds good to me. It never hurts to be more well-rounded as a team member in any case. Even if I just get an overview of the financial pieces and the jargon people use, it'll be worth it.

My wife is also in the process of setting up a business with a couple of partners to market some software she wrote. Even though she's the programmer and her partners are the sales/business end of things, it's never good to cede control over something that important to somebody else with no understanding of what they'll be doing.

Jeff does a great job of going over the various sections of the book and what you'll learn in each and I applaud him for the effort. If you're cheap, you can probably get by with just Jeff's post, to be honest. But an overview of an overview is one level of remove too much for me. I read fast anyway so it'll be time well spent I think. Plus, when somebody asks me something about business I can say I read a book about MBAs, not that I read a blog post about a book about MBAs. :)