I'm Number 1(96)!

Top 200 Blogs for Developers (Q2 2009)

My former fellow co-author on AgileSoftwareDevelopment.com, Jurgen Appelo, periodically compiles a list of top blogs for developers. This time around, he did a Top 200 and I was surprised to see this very blog at #196! If you clicked over here from there, welcome! Since the list came out on the day I did my first post in a month (!), I've been self-shamed into posting more. :)

I've been working a bit with JavaFX so I'll be posting about that and we just started on our next big project at work so I'll probably be posting about that as well. On top of those topics I've made a list of important books I need to work through to help my Java programming so I'm planning on writing about that process. All in all, lots of geeky goodness to come I hope.