My First Agile Project: Go-Live - The Final Frontier

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Picture courtesy of papalars. on flickr

We did it! The project I've been talking about all this time has finally gone live and is now being used in production. Pretty much everything worked fine on launch day as well, which was nice. :) In this installment of My First Agile Project, I'll talk about the last week of the project and where we go from here.

The last weeks of any project are pretty hectic and this was no exception. Our last week was a weird one though as we were theoretically in a code freeze (more on that below), and we still had to finish final testing, and we had to be done by Thursday so our database admins could start the data conversion first thing Friday morning. We all pretty much ran around like chickens with our heads cut off all week but once Friday came a weird sense of calm had settled over most of us (it might have been a fog of fatigue or brain tiredness, it was hard to tell). The DBAs had run through the conversion process 29 previous times so while they were working, it wasn't some new process. The conversion process ran like clockwork, even finishing a few hours earlier than projected, and on Sunday we began the final Go-Live steps.