Evernote API notes

I spent an hour earlier trying to figure out why my Evernote API code was giving an HTTP Error 500 and finally found it. It turns out the code from their example is using old URLs. I'm putting this here so hopefully the next person to google that error will have something to find. If this isn't you, skip this post. :)

Turns out the correct URL as of 3/15/2009 is sandbox.evernote.com, not lb.evernote.com.

Also, the correct URL for the NoteStore is http://sandbox.evernote.com/edam/note/s1

If this helps, you're welcome. Hopefully Evernote will fix the docs and nobody will ever need this though.

EDIT: Ok, my bad. I misunderstood the addition of the s1 on the end of the NoteStore URL. That's the shard id that you're supposed to get from the User. The forum post I read said just to add that on the end but it looks like it's safer to get from the User object.