Using Evernote

Evernote is becoming a favorite of many people for holding all their stuff. We put things into it. That’s a little vague, if you ask me.

What Evernote actually does is offer you essentially a blank slate of information capture and management tools, that allows you to use their product for a huge number of interesting and different things.

via 7 Ways To Make Use Of Evernote |

This is both a good introduction to Evernote and as it says, 7 ways to make use of it.

I really started using Evernote to capture things at the Agile 2008 conference and I've been steadily increasing my use ever since. I use it to capture all the web bill payment confirmations (the ones they always say to print for your records), random recipes I find online, travel info, notes and scripts for work, web articles about clothes, all kinds of stuff. I capture mostly using the Firefox addin, then I can pull it all up on my iPhone later. This is especially nice for travel. Between that and TripIt, I have everything I need for travel at hand all the time.

You can use Evernote for free but if you upgrade to the very reasonable Premium plan you get more transfer and some other additional things. I also got a great tshirt but I'm not sure if they're still doing that.

The best part of this article? I found it when it was linked to on Evernote's twitter feed and it turns out the first image on the page is one of my notes from Agile 2008. It's a funny small world.