My new eyes

After close to 20 years wearing very heavy perscription glasses, I recently underwent a new-ish surgery called ICL and am now totally glasses free!

The ICL is an implantable lens (ICL used to stand for implantable contact lens but now it's implantable collamer lens as that's what it's made of and it doesn't sit on top of your eye) that they put into your eye in between the front of the eye and the lens. The result is fairly amazing.

I went to Dr. Bernitsky here in Albuquerque and everything went super smoothly. Everybody there is very helpful and professional and I would recommend them without reservation.

I went in on Thursday afternoon for the procedure and even right after they did my right eye, I could see better out of it. I went back and forth closing my eyes and looking at the vent in the ceiling and could really tell a difference. That afternoon my vision was fuzzy from all the drops and trauma my eyes had gone through but I could still pretty much watch TV even then. The next morning though, I could see at 20/15 (better than normal!) whereas before I was off the 20/X chart since that measurement requires that you can actually see some feet in front of you and I could only see 6 inches in front of my face.

For the first week I had to wear a pretty uncomfortable plastic eye mask to sleep to make sure nothing happened to my eyes. I'm also still putting 3 drops in my eyes 4 times a day which is kind of a pain but I'm fine with it if it means everything heals up okay.

The end result is that I can actually see better than with my glasses. I'm seeing things in a whole new light and noticing details I never saw before. Even though I'm going to be paying off the cost of the surgery for awhile, I wouldn't give up my new vision for anything. If you can get it, I really recommend it. If you have questions about it for me, feel free to ask in the comments.