what git is not

There are obviously many reasons why Git is awesome (and why it sucks too), and there comes a point where it helps to dispel some of the rumors and issues surrounding Git. The following list attempts to show what Git is not.

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I've got git setup on my laptop as a test and so far I'm really liking it. We're switching to Subversion at work so I've been using git locally and pushing to Subversion using the gitsvn tool. I've only just started playing around with it but I like the flexibility it gives me with branching locally then pushing the changes I want to svn for permanent storage. Once I've spent a little more time with it, I'm going to write up my experiences. Having the git to svn bridge gives a good way to start out with git without having to make a big commitment.

If you're new to git, check out this great cheat sheet as well. I love cheat sheets. :)