My Agile Team: On The (Scrum) Road Again

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Picture courtesy of qmnonic on flickr

Hello and welcome to the start of my new series called My Agile Team here on This series is a sequel of sorts to the My First Agile Project series. From here on out, the plan for this bunch of articles is to follow my team as we move from being on one big project where we (mostly) used Scrum to being on multiple projects where we will (hopefully) really use Scrum. We all intend to learn from our mistakes the first time around and to adhere more closely to the recommendations that make Scrum work so well. But, as everyone knows, when the rubber hits the road even the best of intentions can go by the wayside, accidentally or intentionally.

In this first post in My Agile Team, I'll talk a little bit about the team's plans and what happened during the first 2 weeks of our transition. In our last project, Scrum was brought to us by the vendor and our management signed on fairly enthusiastically. This time though, we're on our own to implement and stick to the plan, at the same time moving from a big project we all worked on to multiple maintenance projects. We know what we want to do, but will that turn out to be what management wants to do? Will we even be able to make the transition successfully? Keep reading to find out!