Agile Stand-up Meetings

Stand-up meetings are a healthy part of the daily routine. They are a useful forum to keep everyone up to date with the happenings of the team, escalate any blockers that may have arisen and set direction and focus for the days activities.

However, in practice they can easily degrade to daily habits, where each person talks, no one listens and nothing is accomplished. Observable signs that this is happening in your team:

Improvements to the standard stand-up meetings

Our project started out with excellent stand-up meetings. Even though our team was about a dozen people, they never lasted too long and were very informative. Over time though, as our project moved through different phases we took to doing longer meetings and moved them from the beginning of the day to 11am. Hopefully once we move off this project and recommit to our Agile system we'll go back to real stand-ups and I'm for sure going to look at using some of these tips.