Exciting news

Exciting if you're me (and possibly if you know me) anyway. :) I've been invited to start writing some articles over at the Agile Software Development group blog / news site! I'm going to be doing weekly posts on our project at work; what we've learned, how we're doing things, etc. I've never written for another site before so it's a great opportunity to get my name out there and to start communicating with other people about Agile. It's also going to be great to have a deadline and have to keep writing regularly. I'm really looking forward to it.

The other news is that the Idea Propulsion Lab hardware hacker club I founded is going to be featured in the Weekly Alibi paper here in Albuquerque. I think the issue with the club in it is going to be out tomorrow (8/26). A photographer was here yesterday taking pictures of me pretending to solder and of some of the stuff I've built. I'm one of the least photogenic humans around so hopefully it'll turn out okay.

My friends were joking around that I was going to need a PR person to handle my media before too much longer. :)