Shades of grey

Outside the world of fanboys, people realize that most everything available sucks in one way or another, and most everything has a positive side, too. And while we all have our favorite technologies, most of us don't obsessively troll every thread that discusses them.

For example, Haskell on Linux is my language/platform combination of choice, but I am occasionally called on to write large amounts of Visual Basic at work on Windows systems. And while I don't like doing it, and I could give you a laundry list of things I hate about VB, there are also things about it that don't suck. Having an opinion and a preference doesn't mean that it can't be a nuanced opinion or preference.

I think the rest of reddit is frankly just sick and tired of hearing all about how much you hate technology X. Really, we don't give a shit.

808140 comments on Mono isn't just for Apes.

One of the most promising things about the Agile2008 conference was the idea that Scrum and XP are really just on a spectrum of Agile methodologies, not completely black-and-white different things. I think what this Reddit user says is true for discussion Agile as well. Both camps need to get over themselves and realize they're really just one camp.

Kim and I are going to speak on our experiences at Agile2008 at the meeting of the Agile New Mexico group next week and this is one of the topics I'll be talking about. I think it's great and since it was a big theme of Bob Martin's keynote, I think people will actually listen.