Five risks of solo programming

Five risks of solo programming | Agile Software Development.

  • High defect rate

  • Distractions that force you out of the zone

  • Low focus and discipline

  • Low incentive to adhere to common practices

  • Slow learning

Pair programming is one of the practices I've always had a hard time wrapping my mind around. I've been told a bunch of times how great it is, and I've even been party to the benefits in small amounts as debug sessions and the like, but I can't get to the point of accepting that I should be doing it all the time. One of the commentors on the post basically gives all the standard complaints and I hope the author or somebody gives a rebuttal. At the conference a lot of people stated pair programming as a given good, "proven" to work. I haven't seen that proof but I'd like to find it.