iPhone / Google / Outlook Calendar Sync

I've finally gotten my various calendars to sync and I thought I'd pass along how I do it. By sync I mean I can enter an event on my Outlook at work, my Work calendar on Google, or my iPhone calendar and it'll appear on all 3. Pretty cool.

First, to sync between Outlook and Google Calendar, Google provides the Calendar Sync tool. I only had one calendar in my GCal so the items from Outlook just went into that one. I then created a new calendar for personal use and renamed the old one to Work so I could color them differently and differentiate events.

To sync GCal and the iPhone, there's a website called NuevaSync that will do it for you. NuevaSync is still pretty beta but it works fine for me. They'll also sync Contacts, Email, and Tasks but I'm only interested in the Calendar.

Once you have all 3 set up, events will be synced from all 3, using GCal as sort of the intermediary. Now, sync is one of the all-time Hard problems in programming because of the many, many failure modes so this system might be fragile for you if you're a hard-core calendar user. I'm not though, I just want my iPhone to tell me if I have a meeting in 15 minutes I forgot about.

If you like this hack or have a similar one of your own, I'm all ears eyes.

UPDATE: Jason Brett has posted more detailed instructions on his blog