Idea Propulsion Lab update

We now have 23 people signed up at the website for the Idea Propulsion Lab. This is an awesome number. I was hoping to get 10 or so before starting to plan our first meeting so this is great. I'm planning the first meeting, which is really a "beta" meeting where we'll be talking and planning the next meetings. I'm going to have it at my work since we have a great big conference room with a projector, chairs, tables, all that stuff. I'm probably going to present a few things so we don't have to rely on people presenting at the first meeting.

The next thing I've been looking at is getting our own actual space to work. It's a little premature I think right now but I'd love to get an office space with a few rooms to setup benches and let people come work. Like I say it's a bit far off but something I'd really love to do.