More Movie Poster Photoshopping Craziness

One of the most popular posts I've ever done is this one, noticing the changes in clothing for Jessica Alba's character in the first Fantastic Four movie between the movie and the poster, as well as the increasing of Keira Knightley's cup size on the movie poster for King Arthur. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader on why that was such a popular post but I've got a new one for you, and it's a doozy.

The very cool site PosterWire has a comparison between 2 versions of the poster for the new Harry Potter movie. In one, Emma Watson has a noticeably different shaped torso than the other. The thing with this is, Emma Watson is 17 years old. It doesn't shock me that the poster designers do this to adult female stars. It's lame, but I'm past being shocked by it. But to do it to a 17 year old girl is just disgusting. From reading the comments at Reddit (I'm not linking directly to the page on Reddit to spare you the pre-adolescent nerdboy "discussion"), I gather this is being labeled a mistake but Photoshop didn't mess with this girl's physique on it's own. Somebody did it, and the fact that it got used, even accidentally, probably doesn't mean that the artist did it without approval. The further problem with this stuff is that nobody is going to complain. Emma Watson and her parents probably can't complain for fear of hurting her career. Even if people get up in arms over it, the promo company will just say it was a mistake and move on to the next adult actress's poster. And nobody is going to skip the Harry Potter movie so nobody will take even a second to think about it and how sick it is.