Free trip to San Francisco? Um, yes please!

I wanted to take a Java programming class for work so I signed up for one here in Albuquerque. A week's intensive class in a new language sounds like a good time to me, as weird as that sounds. So I was surprised and for a minute I was sad when they called me and said the class here was canceled due to low attendance. Of course I brightened up when the woman continued talking and said if I wanted to go, they would pay for my flight and hotel to take the class in San Francisco. Uh, sure, yeah, I can do that. Whoohoo!
San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, I fell in love with the place after taking a bus tour with my family when I was younger. I'm going to be in class most of the time I'm there so it's not really a vacation or anything but the free trip is just an awesome opportunity. Besides being away from Kim and the kids for the week (the longest I've ever been gone), I can't wait just to be back in SF for awhile.