Trying for the triathlon

I've been doing my triathlon training, although my inability to get up early enough in the morning has been hindering my attempts somewhat. I've been swimming and running more than I ever thought I would, but I haven't been back on my bike much. I'm bringing it to work tomorrow and I'll get a chance to do a good ride since we get to leave early (a guy I didn't know passed away so we're closing early).

I've decided to do either the Socorro Triathlon or the Bottomless Lakes Triathlon. The Bottomless Lakes race is in a big lake I visited once before and I'd like to do that but being my first tri, I think it might be a good idea to do the Socorro one since it's in a pool. I'll have to decide soon so I don't miss my chance. Both of these races are Sprint distance, which is good with my lessened training schedule.

I'm excited. I think I can do it, with my least confidence being in the running. The Sprint tri includes 3 miles of running, about 3 miles more than I've ever run at one time. :) I'm getting better but it's going to take a lot more pavement pounding.