Flickr is not Yahoo

This topic is going to interest approximately 0% of people who read this blog but I have to say something. Flickr, one of my favorite websites, was acquired by Yahoo a year or so ago. This is fine, I have no problem with this and I'm glad the creators/owners of Flickr got fat checks for their work. Yay for them. The problem is that part of the deal with the Yahoo acquisition was that they now have merged the signin for Flickr with Yahoo's account system. This is lame. Flickr had its own feel, its own vibe/mojo/whatever. Yahoo has none of that. I remember using Yahoo back before Jerry and David even owned but I have no place in my heart for Yahoo. They are, to me, the new AOL. A do-it-all-for-you "portal" for people very unlike me. Granted, Yahoo is opening up a bit and now owns 2 of my favorite sites and gives money to people I like and respect (as much as you can like and respect people you don't know) but still, I never wanted a Yahoo ID and still don't want one. Never the less, I now have one (or rather, found out that I actually signed up for one at some point and had totally forgotten about it. I probably got it to try out some service I never went back to.).
Signing into Flickr now, you're sent to a Yahoo login page. This is like asking your dad for the keys to the car. "Please, annoying authority figure I'm only passing near to get where I want to go, will you please let me move along as quickly as possible and go hang out with the cool kids?" So now I'm logged in to Flickr but every time Yahoo times out my sign in, I'm going to be reminded that now I have to get the keys from Dad. Lame.