Buzz about Co-Working

Well, this is a good sign I'd think: BusinessWeek is covering co-working, which I've written about before. The first time I saw an ad featuring a reference to the internet without specifically explaining what it was, just assuming you'd know, I knew that was a marker for the future. Even though I doubt I'll ever get to do my own co-working place here in Albuquerque it sure is fun to think about and hopefully this article is a sign of things to come.

Also on that note, a friend of my wife's (thanks Kevin!) sent me a link to a local place here in town that is sort of a cross between a co-working place and a regular executive suite and when I was at the gym the other day I saw an ad on TV for the place. It's called Office Alternatives and while it's a little more high end than I was thinking for co-working (they have receptionists and a lot of other amenities that I'm sure are musts for people in suits but not for geeks who need a place to put their laptop), it's a step in that direction.