Google now significantly less useful

Google seems to have made a change to their searches that will now make them significantly less useful for me. I searched for 'typelist xml' and most of the search results contained searches for 'type list xml' with the 'type' and 'list' separated. This is not what I searched for and is completely distracting since phrases about 'types of lists' and 'things of type list' are dominating the results. Blah. It's one thing to put the 'Did you mean to search for ...' links and it's okay when they split your results up into multiple sections for results that hit multiple topics, but don't do it invisibly. This search is now completely useless on Google. Giving me these pointless search results is going to make me use a competitor for these types of searches and I don't think I'll be alone if they keep this up. People doing technical searches need precise results, and those are the people who turned everybody onto Google in the first place.