My new time-sucking hobby

I've wanted to start doing electronics work for some time but never got around to buying a soldering iron and related tools, finding a good project, etc. It's not like I don't have anything else taking up my free time though. But this year Kim gave me a really cool book on some electronics projects and told me to buy the tools and parts needed so I'm finally going to start with my new hobby. Whoohoo for me! Coincidentally, a guy at work passed around an awesome video of an electronic whiteboard you can make with a Nintendo Wii remote and an easy-to-make IR-led light pen. During this 4-day weekend I'm going to make up a couple of the light pens and a few of us at work are going to make one of these whiteboards. Another co-worker pointed out a project called Crayon Physics where you draw shapes and make them interact (it's cooler than I'm making it sound) and once we get our whiteboard going, we're going to either use it to play with this Crayon Physics or write our own version specifically to use with the whiteboard. Working with a bunch of like-minded geeks is highly recommended. :) I'll be posting about my projects and about our whiteboard geekery in the coming months. I'm hoping to get an Instructable or two up and some videos as well.

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