Professor Buckaroo Banzai?

Robocop, PhD in Wired

This article makes me smile. It's about the actor Peter Weller, best known for being Robocop and Buckaroo Bonzai is now a professor teaching about Rome. I love to see smart people being able to do their thing and learn, which is what he's doing now. He's even an architecture buff, which makes me like him even more. His class on comparing movie portrayals of Rome to the real-life culture sounds incredibly interesting too, I wish I could take it.
It’s hard to imagine what freshmen think when they wander into Professor Banzai’s lecture hall. Weller reports that he loses a lot of students after the first class. “They thought they were going to get the easy A from old RoboCop,” he says with a laugh. The 450-page course reader tells them otherwise.