Woohoo! A new Vikram Chandra book!

I happened on an article in Salon.com yesterday talking about Sacred Games, the new book by Vikram Chandra. You're already excited, I know. He's the author of one of my top 10 favorite books of all time, Red Earth and Pouring Rain. I used to go to the library and pick out a random book from the New Releases shelf to read. Red Earth's cover, of a monkey with his arm resting on a typewriter, caught my eye and I absolutely fell in love with the book. After reading it for free I bought a copy, lost it somehow, and bought another one because I couldn't bear not to have it available to read. That was in 1995. He released a book of short stories in '97 which I never got around to reading for some reason, then nothing until now. I just placed my order for Sacred Games with Amazon and I'm sure the temptation to dig into it as soon as it arrives will be strong. I've got 2 books from the library however (Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow and The Wizard of the Crow) so I'll have to wait. I just hope Chandra's next one doesn't take so long, I'm already waiting for it.