Make Your Own Everything!

Home Fabricator image from New Scientist

Desktop fabricator may kick-start home revolution

Man, I can't even describe how cool this is. It's home CNC machine for fabricating objects out of different types of materials. Say you need a special wrench for a one-off nut in your car? Just create or download the plans and print one out for yourself out of a block of plastic. Or use plans for a model of a baseball player, put your kid's face on it and throw some more plastic in the machine.
The real treat is near the end of the article where they talk about the guy who made a fab that could make its own parts. Self-reproducing fabricators in the home! For $2000! It makes me giddy just thinking about it.
Your kids may never buy physical toys or other simple (and in the future, not-so-simple) objects. They'll download the plans and print them out.