This Sucks

KRQE News 13 - Flames wipe out four businesses
One of the places apparently destroyed by a stripmall fire this morning was The Comic Stop, the shop I went to weekly for years. After I dropped out of comics for a few years I decided to find a shop and see if there was anything I was interested in. I found the Comic Stop and quickly returned to the comics habit in full force. The owner, James, was in a lot of ways a stereotypical comic geek turned shop owner but he's a hell of a guy and I could live with occasional ranting about things like changes the new Battlestar Galactica made to the Viper's wings. Going to a comic shop every week means you get to know the people at the shop and hopefully become friendly with them. I still fondly remember George, the guy who owned Comic City, the shop in San Diego that my parents drove us 30 minutes to every week for years and years over a decade ago now. James and Mary, who also worked in the shop, became friends of mine pretty easily, not something that usually happens to a introvert like me.

This is a terrible and sad thing to happen. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Since we moved pretty far from the shop I haven't been there but I hope he starts up again. There's not too many genuinely nice and friendly comic shop people in Albuquerque and he deserves to try again.

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