Unreads First Real User!

So I'm looking at the Unreads.com homepage the other day and what do I see? The site's first actual user! Click to see Cinqo's Unreads Stack. Awesome. I have no idea who this person is but from the look of the books on their list, I'm intrigued. They look like my kind of person. Whoohoo!

I'm going to start emailing people today to have them look at the site so hopefully more people will be giving me feedback before too long. I've been working on the text and the Help popups and man, it's hard. I'm very wordy so boiling things down to their essence is tough stuff. It's useful though, it helps me crystallize my thoughts on the site. You work with something and you have an idea but actually communicating that to people who don't know anything about the site makes you figure out just exactly what the thing is supposed to do. Unreads can appeal to lots of different people with different uses but I can't just list a bunch of ways to use the site, it has to pull people in. Hopefully I'll make enough money off the site eventually to hire somebody to help me out in this area.

Onward and upward.

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