So I've had Unreads.com (my new unread books site) live (in Beta testing) for a few weeks and I'm getting super close to deciding just to go live with it. I have a Milestone in my Basecamp setup for June 25th as the live date (my birthday) and I won't go beyond that. I might even just go live sooner. I finished adding subscription feeds to people's Stack pages. I'm going to add hReview microformats to the Reviews (while making sure the reviews still work since I've been neglecting them) and I've been trying to work out the wording of the site that tells people what the site is about. That's hard. I'm very wordy in my documentation so trying to get the idea of the site out without turning people off with an essay on the homepage is tough.

But things looks good. My Todo lists in Basecamp are somewhat long but I've been crossing things off and everything looks pretty solid. I haven't had very many visitors as yet but I've only been using my blog to get the word out and nobody reads this site so I need to start trying to get people (besides my mom, who gave me some really good advice) to start hitting the site. I'll be emailing people soon to see if I can get some beta testers so hopefully that will go well.

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