Boy, I've been a slacker about the blog recently but I have some good reasons. I've been working like mad (or as mad as someone with a full-time job, a wife, and 2 goods can work) on the web project and I'm close to going live with a beta (test) version of the site for people to check out. May 1 is my self-imposed deadline so I'm working hard to get there.

Here's some stuff I've been meaning to post about, in tiny chunks:

  • rocks. It's quasi-legal but I don't care. I can download a full album for $1.10 or so, which completely changes the economics of listening to music. "So, the reviews are good for these Arctic Monkeys guys? Buy it. Rob Zombie's new album is out? Haven't read any reviews or heard any of it? So what. Buy it. It's a buck." (And it's worth the buck) Plus instead of skating on their cheapness the site is really well done.
  • I've been listening the hell out of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Show Your Bones. Better than the first one and I liked that one a lot. Every song I just think "Damn, this is a good song!"
  • Grant Morrison is a Golden Comics God. His new Superman book is just so good it blows my mind, and I don't even like Superman. I also bought the first 2 volumes of his Seven Soldiers of Victory project and it's awesome as well.
  • UltraEdit is the greatest text editor in existance. I just paid for the new version which I honestly rarely do since I don't have a lot of money to throw around on software. It's worth it just for the feature of showing my FTP site in the tree view next to the editor so I can just double-click and open remote files
  • If you're doing Javascript, you have to try out Prototype.js and Scriptaculous. You owe it to yourself.