Part 3
In Which I Am Shocked

Two quick things that gave me a serious case of eye-widening this morning.

On the latest Gilmor Gang, Michael Arrington of TechCruch said that the new news site NewsVine is "probably only burning $100,000 a month". Jeeminy Christmas. My friend might have hooked me up with a free hosting option for my new site and I'm extremely happy to save that $60 a month.

TechCrunch also has a post about a new Web2.0 parenting site called Minti. The site just launched and is basically an old-school advice site with Web2.0 goodness and Ajax baked in. He mentions that they've raised $1.6 million in initial seed financing. Cripes. That's a lot of freaking money, especially for a site that's just barely out of the gate.

Sometimes I think that all this stuff about how cheap it is to start a new startup is only cheap from the perspective of all these guys who know VCs and are older with lots of money in the bank. I'd love to prove that somebody like me can launch a site, build a community, and get something real going without having access to all the stuff these big companies have. I'm a big fan of being ignorant so I can not fall into the traps people who know more fall into but I'm hoping that I'm being ignorant, not stupid.

I'm pretty close to going live though so we'll find out. :)

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