24 year old Bush political appointee tells NASA to push "intelligent design by a creator" - and by the way, we're all dead

John Aravois of AMERICAblog tends to be a tad shrill but this recent post is great. In it he lists just a few of the frightening and disgusting stories about the environment and the Bush administration's war on science. He starts out with a recent story of how a Republican appointee wants NASA scientists to make sure to put "theory" after all mentions of the Big Bang. This has all the hallmarks of official Republican policy so no points for saying it was just some kid who wasn't ordered to do so. The incorrect use of "theory" is a Right-wing codeword that they've been trying to get people to believe means that the science isn't agreed upon, which is exactly the opposite of what it really means in a scientific context. Using it here fits nicely with their usual anti-science bullshit. The Big Bang has been accepted wisdom among scientists for decades and has in the last few years become as close to a law as this type of thing can be. If we let NASA become just one more organ of Right-wing propoganda we're all screwed.

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