I had a great idea the other day that anyone is free to steal since I'll never have time to do it. A website called something like (which is available) where people post pictures of doofuses wearing their bluetooth wireless earpieces in innappropriate places. Sort of like without the middle fingers. Or with them, I don't care. I got a Jabra bluetooth headset for free with my trusty T610 2 years ago and thought they were somewhat goofy then. That was before I had to deal with stifling snorts of laughter at Grandma walking through the grocery store not talking on her wannabe-futuristic headset hanging on her ear. Now I just want to point and laugh and inspire others to do the same.

Don't get me wrong, if you're using the thing, great. But unless you're getting calls every 2 minutes and are Important, take the damn thing off when you're not talking on it. Or else you're liable to get your picture taken and posted for ridicule on the net.