This is interesting. The other day I happened upon a blog post by Amr Awadallah about how he thought Google was going to miss their revenue estimates for the 4th quarter. Usually I could care less about this (and Google still made almost $2 billion dollars so it's not exactly a loss for them) but what was interesting was that Mr. Awadallah says nowhere on his blog that he works for Yahoo, a big Google competitor and a company that seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex about Google. He's really, really anti-Google from various posts on his blog so I thought he should be giving his audience a hint that he's not exactly un-biased. I posted a comment to that effect on his blog and it shows up as being posted for me which means it didn't get lost presumably but it doesn't show up everybody else. I can only assume that he approves all comments (a common technique for eliminating spam comments) but hasn't approved mine for whatever reason. I'm not saying he hasn't approved it because I called him on something or anything like that but this is really fishy to me. Here's the comment I made:
Hi Amr. I found your blog linked to from Caterina Fake’s. In reading some of your postings I find it unsettling that you have such a vehement dislike of Google but fail to really say anywhere that you work at Yahoo. I wouldn’t have known except that Ms. Fake mentioned it in her post. Not that you can’t talk about whatever you want to on your personal blog but when so much of your posting is bashing a competitor it seems reasonable to give your audience some note of where you’re coming from in your assessments of Google.

Pretty nice and straight-forward I'd say. And it doesn't even merit a comment by him. Now I'm sure he's busy and it's not like I'm anybody but just plain ignoring a comment like that and not putting it on the post to allow others to see it isn't right. If he thinks I'm wrong, tell me that. Don't just ignore it. Nobody reads my blog really so I don't anticipate anything coming of this post but it gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Blogs are supposed to be about transparency and discussion. If you're posting things like this guy does about a competitor, you should let people know that you're not an uninterested 3rd party, even if you're blog is a personal one.

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