We use Salesforce.com at my work quite a bit and I usually find it a model of how to run a modern web services company. Unfortunately, they seem to have more server problems than I'd like to see in a company with as much money as they have. They just rolled out their new $50 million data center and here's what I get while in the process of using the site today:
Server Too Busy

The salesforce.com servers are temporarily unable to respond to your request. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience, and please try again in a few moments.
Oops. This is on top of a "rare database bug" (as they described it) which took the site down for most of a full day just a few weeks ago. I know running a big data center (or two data centers now with the new one) isn't easy but sheesh, what does 50 million dollars buy these days? I hope when/if my website I'm building gets to the size of Salesforce I have a team of geeks up to the challenge. I'm sure Salesforce has quite a team and if they're having these problems, I'm worried.