Molly Ivins - Not. Backing. Hillary.
What kind of courage does it take, for mercy's sake? The majority of the American people (55 percent) think the war in Iraq is a mistake and that we should get out. The majority (65 percent) of the American people want single-payer health care and are willing to pay more taxes to get it. The majority (86 percent) of the American people favor raising the minimum wage. The majority of the American people (60 percent) favor repealing Bush's tax cuts, or at least those that go only to the rich. The majority (66 percent) wants to reduce the deficit not by cutting domestic spending, but by reducing Pentagon spending or raising taxes.

The majority (77 percent) thinks we should do "whatever it takes" to protect the environment. The majority (87 percent) thinks big oil companies are gouging consumers and would support a windfall profits tax. That is the center, you fools. WHO ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

I like Molly Ivins. One of the perpetual problems of the Democratic party is the members' inability to stand for their beliefs. Too many Democrats think that everybody is sympathetic to Republican ideas so they run after, trying to make sure everybody knows they support those ideas too. Nuts to that. We need Democrats who are proud of the name. People who aren't trying to be just Left enough of Right so they don't alienate either side of things. The Right is running this country into the ground. We need more intelligent, pragmatic people on the Left who don't cow-tow to anybody and who can stand up and say they are really a Democrat, not just Not-A-Republican.

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