Global Guerrillas: JOURNAL: Aerial IEDs and Open Source Innovation
Insurgents, who place these aerial IEDs along known flight paths, trigger them when American helicopters come along at the typical altitude of just above the rooftops. The devices shoot 50 feet into the air, and a proximity fuze touches off a warhead that sprays metal fragments, said Brig. Gen. Edward Sinclair, commander of the Army’s Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, Ala.

More bad news about how the guerilla fighters in Iraq are learning and using increasingly sophisticated tactics against our troops. They're bringing in experienced fighters from around the world who know about these things and teaching the native Iraqis the tricks of the trade. If we don't change the way we're doing things over there the situation is only going to get worse as this knowledge spreads around. Once you know how to do something you can always build on that to take it to next step of sophistication. Unfortunately I have no faith that the Bush administration will push for any real changes so hopefully the Pentagon will push back and start making the inevitable transition to a peace-waging force instead of subjecting our war trained troops to this god-awful mess.