This is a great article in Mother Jones on the one thing the Bush Administration does very, very, well: show business.
It may be true that, for a week or more, this administration couldn't get a bottle of water to a diabetic grandmother, but when something was actually at stake -- what reporters far and wide referred to as the "rebuilding" not of New Orleans but of a presidency, or simply of the presidential "image" -- efficiency, coordination, and togetherness were the by-words of the day.
They do public relations and staged events better than anybody. P.R. is built into their DNA it seems. They just appointed a PR flack to go to Arab countries and try to bolster our image. And they think this is a perfectly valid and normal thing to do. They are "Always On Message" (to steal a phrase from Larry Young) no matter how inhuman, how idiotic, or how just blatantly offensive it might be. Even if you're a die-hard Bush fan, come on, this is insane.

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