I was looking around on google for my friends from high school, spurred on by my upcoming 10 year anninversary I mentioned below. In the course of looking I found that one of my 2 best friends growing up died in 2001 from an infection he got shooting heroin. The first thing I think is 'Well you obviously weren't too great of a friend if you're only finding this out 4 years later' which is true. I don't think I was a very good friend. I hadn't had any contact with him for 10+ years now. When I moved after my sophmore year, I didn't write one letter or call any of my friends. People I grew up with since 3rd grade in some cases. These guys were like my brothers. I don't know why I never kept in touch, thinking back on it. I think it made me too sad or I was embarrased. Now I just feel like an asshole. I know I probably couldn't have helped him out but god damn, I wish I had tried. Who knows what might have happened.

I hesitate to put his name up here in public but it's hard finding only a couple of references to his death on the net and no contact info for anybody. So if you knew Jesse Raftery from Santee, CA (near San Diego) and you happen to find this, please email me. I'd like to know how his life went after I left California.

And if you're the person who got him on that shit, I hope you die a horrible and agonizing death and no one mourns for you. If I ever meet you you better run away.

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