Here's a review of the cheapest HDTV camcorder around. The cool thing, besides the price ($1750), that apparently it's a really good camera to boot. This is cool for many reasons. The fact that you can now make a movie in high-definition for less than $2000 is extremely exciting. Now, I could care less about watching somebody's birthday in HD. What I care about is that a group of people can get together, make an HD movie (or a series of short films) and release them on the internet for essentially nothing.
I've been thinking it would be very cool for a group of people to get together and make a series of short movies and release them once a month or something. The movies would be a sort of portfolio of their work. A writer, a director, some actors. Shoot the thing guerilla style, getting only neccessary permits and such, no effects or only ones that can be done on a PC or Mac. Just getting it out there would be a big deal. A guy who made a fan Batman movie a year or 2 ago is now a name, people know who he is. People like to see that you can get things done on a schedule. Putting out a 15 minute section of a serial movie every 2 weeks for 6 months would show a lot of skill and you'd have made a 3 hour movie at the end. Imagine going to a deal with a movie or TV person and saying "You saw what I could do with no money, imagine what I could do with some of your cash?" Instead of saying "Hey, I know your only exposure to my work is my school project film but can I have some money?"
I'm probably overly idealistic and ignorant of the movie process but one of my favorite quotes is "The biggest things have been done by those who didn't know they were impossible." Nobody's going to convince me it's impossible until I've done my best and it didn't work.

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