I just turned 27 and for various reasons I've been thinking about how to go about making a life. I never used to think about the future, other than in an abstract way. I never thought about my own future. I was with some people recently who are older than me, around 35 I think. I started wondering what they had actually done with their lives. I think they'd say they've done a lot but I don't see it. All I see are people whose lives are (maybe) half over and who have done nothing other than work and have some hobbies, some relationships, buy some stuff. Then I saw a lady I used to work with working the checkout at Walgreens and I'm sure she's in her late 50s, if not older. What I've realized in thinking about life is that I don't want to go out like that. I never used to consider going out and doing something, I always pretty much went with the flow, did whatever came along that fit my preferences, not my goals because I didn't have any. I've already done something I'm proud of, that is build SpinnNet up from a small modem-only ISP to a good sized DSL, wireless, etc. company wit many times more customers. Plus we've got Allison, who will undoubtedly be way smarter than me and go on to do a lot with the world she'll grow up in. I've recently started working on a website I think could be very cool and a comic book publisher I want to work with is having a Talent Search so I've been working on getting some scripts to them. I don't want to go with the flow on my life any more. I don't want to wonder what I've done at 35. I want to make something of my family's life so Allison and the new baby have more than just parents who work all day. My parents are working on building their own house on their own land, that's something important. The next century is going to have more change in it than the past millenium, I can feel it. My kids are going to grow up in a world as radically different from the one my parents grew up in as my parent's world was different from George Washington's. Kim is always talking about not just running in the rat race and living paycheck to paycheck and I always agreed but in an 'Ok, now what' kind of way. I'm on board now though, we're going to start pushing toward that, whatever I can do.