I finally got my new road bike out of lay-away over the weekend. In short, it rocks. It's a Giant OCR3, sort of their upper-low-end bike. I got it on sale for $500, a good price for a road bike that isn't just junk but still enough to make me feel a little bad about spending that much money. The cost helps motivate me to actually use it to lose weight and get healthier though. It's has some nice components, although being totally new to having a nice bike I don't know much about them. My other bike is a mountain bike I got from my friend James who upgraded to a $1200 model. He probably had $1000 in it before he gave it to me, making it one hell of a gift. I owe him Chilacas burritos for life. I took it out for a 28 mile ride along the beautiful Bosque trail and it was great. I got going up to almost 20mph immediately, even into the wind. James and my other friend Walter are big mountain bikers but I like to put my headphones on and just zip along. I do like the trails but I'm enough out of shape that I worry too much about falling, which in New Mexico means falling into cactus if you're not lucky. I'll get there though. Our new house is 5 minutes from the foothills of the Sandia mountains so I can get out there and ride some nice, somewhat easy trails to build my stamina.