I'm working on a new website I'm going to try to turn into a real money-making business for myself. I tried to get a business site going before but it didn't work out for various reasons. This thing I think has real legs. Plus it doesn't involve me selling it face-to-face to a small audience like the other site. This blog entry by one of the founders of Excite is something I've been thinking about. He's talking about how cheap it is to start a company these days. Of course, he's saying cheap is $100,000. My definition of cheap is like $400 for a server. That's what I'm hoping to do. I can get a heck of a server for $400 these days. Running Linux, Apache, mod_perl, and rolling my own code I can make a server work for a pretty heavy load for almost no money. Once I get enough load to need another server, I want to have the site earning it's keep. I'll have more details about the site coming soon but I have to say, if you're building a site and you're a perl programmer - use Mason.