I just finished watching the first of the two 'Evil Universe' episodes of Enterprise (or as I like to call it the 'Goatee Universe') and a curious thing occured to me. Does it strike anyone else as disturbing that the Trek writers' 'Evil Universe' is also apparently the 'Sexy Universe'? Both T'Pol and Sato's 'Evil' characters wear a midrif baring uniform, 'Evil Sato' is also 'Slutty Sato', and Vulcans (and thus T'Pol) are slaves to the humans. Since Trek writers tend to subsume their own impulses in what they think will please the fans, I can't tell if they think sexy, sexual women are evil or if they think the fans think that. Of course there's always the possibility they just wanted to see Jolene Blalock with long hair and her model's belly showing. Either way it leaves a foul taste in my mouth, even beyond the one I get from the episode being fairly crappy.

I read an interview with one of the producers of Enterprise and his feeling is that nobody watched Enterprise because people were too overwhelmed by all the Trek on the air. Apparently he's never heard of the 84 different Law & Order and CSI shows on 24 hours a day. No, dumbass, the reason nobody watched Enterprise or Voyager or Star Trek: Nemesis was that you've run the franchise into the ground. I agree with those who say they should let Trek rest for awhile, just long enough for him to give over control to somebody with a creative, original bone in their body. Star Trek: TNG got a lot better when Roddenberry died (as much respect as I had for him, he and his vision became an anchor on the creative life of the Trek universe), and now we have to wait for these new chuckleheads to go away for it to come back from the dead.