This is a letter I've been sending to every Walmart email address I can find in hopes of getting an answer from somebody. I can't even start talking about it beyond this because I'll just start ranting and cursing. I'm usually hesitant to post personal stuff about other people here but I'm trying every avenue to get somebody from Walmart to see this. So here's the letter, if you happen to know somebody higher up in Walmart who might listen, please pass it on to them.

Subject: Appalling treatment of a loyal Walmart customer

My aunt was in store #151 in McAlester, OK a week ago and at some point during the 2+ hours she was in the store a $3 bracelet she was intending to purchase fell into her purse. When she went to pay for her other items, the security people at the store stopped her and had the police called to have her arrested for shoplifting. The police declined to arrest her because she requires an oxygen tank and is in a wheelchair. Apparently the store security berated her in front of the store before the police let her go and fined her $150 plus some charge Walmart has for calling the police. The final insult was that she was told she is banned from going into Walmart again, which is one of her great pleasures in life. My aunt is in ill health and almost had a stroke from the increase in her blood-pressure during the event and she also had a severe panic attack. She jumps every time the phone rings thinking Walmart is sending the police after her and doesn't like to leave the house since the incident.

I can understand your security people have to be hard on shoplifters. But I think your stores probably have enough actual theft going on that they would know the difference between a sick woman who accidently had something fall into her purse and a real criminal. The way she was treated is absolutely insane. I hope it was the actions of an over-zealous security officer rather than Walmart policy. I will be contacting everyone I can find at Walmart until I get my aunt an apology for the treatment she has suffered. I can only hope that someone will recognize the over reaction of this store's employees and attempt to make amends for it. An apology and assurance that she can once again visit your store is all it would take. Please email me at for her contact information. Thank you.