I meant to post this earlier (like a week ago when it was sent to me, oops) but there were some technical difficulties with the blog server, plus I was insanely sick a couple of days last week.

But anyway, I want to point Narnia fans to Narnia Confidential, a new wiki set up for fans of the books. I love wikis for this type of thing. If you don't know, a wiki is a website that can be edited by the readers of the site. This wiki lets fans of the books compile basically an encyclopedia of information about the books, the movies, the world of Narnia, etc. There are some problems with wikis, the main one being that jerks can edit things out and add junk but as long as a community is built up around the site that usually doesn't screw things up too badly. They've got a lot of good info on the site so I would recommend it if you're looking for more Narnia info. And if you have something to add, please do!

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