The web browser Firefox has just released its new version, 1.5 and I strongly suggest at least trying it out. If you're using Internet Explorer (the default in Windows) or older version of Netscape, Firefox is head-and-shoulders above those. It has protections for spyware that IE doesn't have. It blocks popup advertisement windows. It has tabbed windows (a new browser feature you won't want to live without once you've used it). It's faster. It's just plain better. Check it out! It will import any settings, bookmarks, etc., that you have in Internet Explorer as well. If you're using something like Netscape that has email built in, you'll want to download Thunderbird as well. It's a great replacement for email clients like Outlook Express or even Outlook.

I've got a button to the left over there that you can use to get the new version of Firefox with Google's ultracool toolbar.

(The Firefox website is a little slow right now with tons of people downloading the new version so if it's slow try it again later).

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