This is a very sad article in the LA Times about the suicide of a true man of honor in Iraq. Col. Ted Westhusing was an expert on the concept of honor as a warrior. He was sent to Iraq to help a private company (USIS) train Iraqi soldiers. He discovered evidence of massive profit-motivated corruption, including private contractors killing Iraqi civilians and covering up their deaths so it didn't affect the contract with the military. In the end it appears he couldn't live with being "tainted" by the corruption and coverups and took his own life. As a devout Christian, I'm sure that act weighed more heavily on his conscience than on most people's.

This is truly horrible. This isn't the first US soldier to kill themselves (something you don't see on the news), nor will it be the last. But we are losing good people to this idiotic campaign every day. If they aren't lost in death, they're lost mentally. Our soldiers are starting to think of the Iraqi people in general as their enemy. The people they're supposed to be there to help, for pete's sake. They're being drafted into corrupt arrangements with private contractors whose sole motive is cash. They're losing limbs, eyes, their health. All for what? Nothing.

This man's blood is on the hands of USIS management, their military co-conspirators, and ultimately (even though he refuses to take responsibility for anything) on the President's hands. I can only hope the next elections show everyone involved in this war that they cannot escape judgement from the American people.

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