I haven't been posting much because we're near the end of a big crunch period at work. We're about to release the next version of our product, a pretty much total rewrite. I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary here and it's amazing how much we've gelled as a team. We're in a real groove of code, test, code, test, etc. and things are hitting on all cylinders. We've done a huge amount of work on this release and when we move to the new system we'll be in such a good place it's really exciting. The system is so much more robust, our development process is very streamlined, it's very cool.

I'm almost done with the shed I've been building (pictures in the Flickr bar to the left) and I'll be going back to working on my website project soon. More about that here soon as well. I just noticed that got $2.8 million dollars in venture funding which makes me very excited. Whether or not we're heading into another bubble it's probably too soon to tell but I don't think so. I do think we're seeing the return of huge money to startups, some of which I hope goes in my direction next year. :)