I just finished a perl program that polls my Bloglines account, checks all the feeds in my Music folder and downloads all the mp3s enclosed to my music folder. Awesome. As soon as I check it some more I'll be releasing it but part of the cool thing is that it was super easy. It took me maybe 2 hours and less than 100 lines of code, including a feature to make sure I don't download any songs more than once. Now I have a regularly updated feed of cool new music automatically downloaded to my system. I could pipe the mp3s to my ipod but since I have my badass new MythTV home media system I'll be able to play them on my stereo. I'll probably put them on the ipod as well but listening to them on the big stereo is well, so much bigger. I've already found 2 or 3 albums I'd like to buy and the best part is that the money goes to the artists, not to the studio.

On that note if you know of any sites podcasting music along the lines of what plays, please leave a comment.